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Creates The Most Beneficial Treatment PlansDetox Centers in Lansing are safe, medically-supervised treatment centers that assist clients to take their first step to sobriety. Detoxification, or detox, clears out accumulated drugs and purges them from the bloodstream, but it should not be mistaken for drug or alcohol treatment; detox on its own isn’t treatment. Detox doesn’t need to be intimidating if done in a controlled, clinically-supervised setting, which is important because detox treatments vary depending on which substance is being abused, and ‘cold turkey’ strategies are not suitable for all addictions. Actually, cold turkey may even be dangerous in many cases, so Addiction Detox Centers Lansing, MI utilizes secure and confirmed approaches that address every patient as people with different detox requirements. To speak with a detox expert, call Addiction Detox Centers Lansing, MI at 517-258-4044 as soon as possible!

What to Expect from Detox

There are three basic stages that clients of Addiction Detox Centers Lansing, MI can anticipate after they decide to enter detox. The evaluation process is vital to determine which substance, or substances, are being used, and in what quantities. It is not uncommon for addicts to use more than one substance, occasionally together with alcohol, which can change the detox approaches the client requires. Then, Detox in Lansing detoxifies the client’s body, taking out damaging pollutants and substances. Detox breaks the physical dependency on dangerous substances, but it doesn’t rehabilitate the client, so Addiction Detox Centers Lansing, MI suggests that their clients enter directly into a custom-designed rehab treatment program to be able to promote a long-lasting recovery.

Why Treatment Is So Crucial

Detox is a very crucial first step to take towards recovery, but many people suffering from drug and alcohol dependency are also afflicted by mental problems that contribute to the dependency and impede recovery. After detox, and without further assistance, addicts can easily find themselves in situations in which they might use again. Relapse occurs most regularly when detox is used by itself, and when addicts find themselves in the usual scenarios and locations where their drug and alcohol use was heaviest. Effective treatment depends upon a variety of factors, however, a brand new setting, where alcohol and drugs are not as available, is a crucial factor.

Since relapse is so much more frequent when detox is used as a stand-alone procedure, Addiction Detox Centers Lansing, MI strongly recommends that their detox clients instantly transition directly into a twenty-eight day, sixty day, or ninety day rehab programs. Detox is strengthened in rehabilitation, where clients participate in group and individual counseling, the 12-step community, and wholesome diversions and physical activity. Throughout treatment, clients live in stunning, luxurious living accommodations that combine all of the benefits of inpatient living accommodations with the affordability of outpatient living accommodations. Moreover, clients stay busy with educational programs created to assist them to succeed in their sobriety and lifestyle goals.

Take the Initial Step Immediately!

Detox is most efficient as initial step if followed by drug or alcohol treatment programs. Other treatment facilities address addiction with detox, however Addiction Detox Centers Lansing, MI offers support past this first step, so their clients can retain a sober lifestyle even after detox. While detox may briefly improve the health of the body, it does nothing to treat the core, psychological factors affecting drug and alcohol use. If a rehab facility provides detox services, it sets up its clients for relapse; Detox Lansing, Michigan wants their clients to stay clean and sober forever, and gives their clients the tools to overcome drug and alcohol dependency in the future. Take the initial step to recovery, and call 517-258-4044 to speak with an experienced and sympathetic specialist regarding detox options.

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